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Common Core State Standards

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Division of Youth Services (DYS) workshops 


 Social Studies – April 16, 2013


HANDOUTS for afternoon session:

CC Big Shifts.pdf 

Delving Deeper into Standards and Implementation.pdf  This is the presentation; you can make handouts from slides in the presentation.


LOC analyzing photographs.pdf 

LOC worksheet for student responses.pdf

 Color map of the battlefield would not print clearly; it is available on the pdf slide show. 

Letter from Wm Child & LOC analysis.pdf  

Library of Congress primary source analysis document is available at the LOC website, see Primary Source Documents page of this wiki for direct link.

Gettysburg Address.pdf

Introduction from PBS.pdf

Map of Antietam National Battlefield.pdf

Battle of Antietam - Morning.pdf





Division of Youth Services (DYS) Workshops Aug & Oct 26, 2012  


Primary sources, Guide for Student Reading.docx


Rding like Historian quest.ions, students should be able to..prompts.pdf


Reading Quest column notes example.docx





 November 8 - 9, 2012


Nov 9 Writing in social studies classroom.pptx 


Close reading annotated.pdf


ADE Links for free tech resources 2012-2013 Log-in info.docx


Informational Text Features Chart(1).doc


Overview of the Big Shifts(3).doc


DYS handout with links.docx


primary source analysis ICE AGE.pdf


ways of reading handout.pdf





RESOURCES AND HANDOUTS from Summer Workshops 


Informational Text Features Chart.doc

Guide to Creating Questions for Close Analytic Reading.doc

Grades 6-8 arg template.docx 6-12-Terms-for-Argumentative-Writing.doc

Grade 8 Long Night of Little Boats Close Reading Exemplar.doc

Grade 8 Frederick Douglass Close Reading Exemplar 5-3-12.doc

Close Reading Behaviors for teachers and students 5-3-12.docx





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