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Economics Arkansas


Check out all of the resources and support available. for teachers and students.  



Resources for Economics


The Council for Economic Education’s EconEdLink website, has lessons that fit well in civics, history, government or business classes.  Most lessons have a PowerPoint with visual attached next to the lesson, are user friendly, and provide all resources necessary.  Lessons on elections, budgets, deficits and healthcare are available.  


Planet Money is a great resource to explain the economics behind current events.

Blog and podcasts can be downloaded on the iPhone through an app 


I will post things I want to share on the Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic Education Facebook. 

Rita L. Littrell, Ph.D. |   Director, Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic Education

                                                  Assistant Professor, Department of Economics



It’s Time to Get in the Game- The Stock Market Game!  


Who:             4th-12th grade students


What:            Project based learning  investment simulation with many Common Core Connections   


Where:          Visit www.stockmarketgame.org for more details about this engaging simulation. 


When:          Free promo game: September 6-23, 2016 

                      Fall Session: September 26-December 2, 2-016


Grant Applications are due September 16, 2016 


Questions? Please contact Marsha Masters at 501-682-4350 or marsha@economicsarkansas.org






Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  



Direct link to education resources http://www.stlouisfed.org/education_resources/

OR click on Little Rock Branch to go directly to the education resources page  


Little Rock Branch  


For additional information regarding educational resources contact:
Kris Bertelsen at the Little Rock Branch at
kris.a.bertelsen@stls.frb.org or
Jeannette Bennett at the Memphis Branch at jeannette.n.bennett@stls.frb.org

For more information about the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' economic education and personal finance courses, please visit www.stlouisfed.org/education_resources/.



Gen i Revolution:

Online Personal Finance Game

Check out this free online personal finance game for middle school and high school students!  





More than 722 lessons to choose from - and they're all FREE! 



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